Friday, April 23, 2010

Baltimore 4-23-10

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Winds are blowing....

Its early April and temps in the 90's. APRIL. Not July. I'm all in favor for warm temps but now? Naaah. I remember as a kid how warm breezes and sun would transform my whole mood and take me to a different mind set. All was good. No bills. No one to worry about Selfish? No. I was a child. Its what children do. But NOW, about to turn 46...those same breezes and sun betray me. Knowing what I know now about this world...witnessing horrors that have occurred...listening to what is being shoveled to my children in the guise of "entertainment" makes me sad. The warmth and sun just hide the impending storms that are brewing. I'm not overly pessimistic but I have seen too much to pretend all is well in this world. I weep for my two sons and what they may have to face. Yes, summer no longer means the same to me...
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