Saturday, January 24, 2009

Must read

For those who know me, you understand the significance of what I am about to say. Turning 45 years old this coming July, I was a little too young to fully have experienced the racial strife and tension of the 60's.  My late grandmother told me many stories about Jim Crow laws and such and experienced racism first hand. I have seen enough grainy video footage and heard many first hand accounts to get a good taste of it myself. And as a light-skinned black, even I experienced racial taunts....from whites as well as my own people. Who knew? I said that to say that I have vocally stated that America is NOT ready for a black president nor will EVER be ready for one and it will not happen in my life time. NEVER! Good thing I am not a betting man because I would have lost the farm on that one. Here we are in 2009 with our first black president.  I am truly speechless and amazed that it happened. Now before I get accused of loving the fact that Obama is black and nothing else, I think its fair to say that he is no more or less experienced than the other presidents we have had. Although I do not know the man, he appears to be articulate, compassionate, and intelligent. Were he some bumpkin whose only merit was the blackness of his skin, then John McCain would be the wiser choice. Lets all pitch in and pray for and support our newest Commander in Chief. Despite his color, he is a man, no less and deserves a chance just like the rest. If this can happen, then one day other men of color will occupy that title as well.

The Inauguration of President Barack Obama

This is a must see!!  To my friend Tyrone, many thanks.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Biden tries to shush wife after state-VP slip

Check this link out. I am no political pundit, but does anyone see the "newsworthiness" of this so-called "slip"?? Give me your thoughts. Thanks to Kenya for this one.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


For those who are unaware, conviction is a powerful force. The fact of whether you believe in its power or not is unimportant. It will:
  • Make you accountable
  • Make you take action
  • Make you have compassion...whether you desire to or not
  • Make you stand firm and be unmovable.
Just my thoughts.....yours?