Saturday, December 19, 2009

WTHeck happened.......

  • to my dreams?
  • to my hopes?
  • to my sense of creativity?
  • to my self worth?
  • to my money?
  • to my moral compass?
  • to my love?

I've been looking but its seems to have left the building.......

Friday, December 11, 2009

The Dropoff

I recently witnessed a lady getting out of her Honda suv in front of a home. She went around to the rear passenger side and opened the door. She looked rather nonchalant and wasn't smiling. She lifted a female toddler from her car seat and had a bag on her shoulder. A gentleman came out of the home in front of her.....all smiles and looking the toddler. I could not hear what he said but the conversation between himself and the woman was little to none. The toddler went to the man and took her hand and the bag from the woman. The woman walked around to the drivers side rear and removed a large, pink blowup mattress and gave it to the man. The man and girl proceeded to walk towards the home when the woman called the toddler to her. The toddler ambled over to her and gave her a kiss then went inside the home with the man. No conversation between the two adults. The woman got into her suv and took off in a hurry. What did I witness here? I think you know as well as I do. What was once so nice is now relegated to a "drop off". What happened? Why? How do you go from crazy in love (or lust)to.....this? Thoughts?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Eldrick Tont Woods

I just heard a song on The Tom Joyner Morning Show that used a rap beat over Tiger's voicemail message. Man....the media has hit an all time low....