Friday, October 1, 2010

Oh yes!!

I popped in to say hello. Then it started. She was talking ish...throwing her hair around...smiling..calling me Papi...haha. Making mad eye contact. Flirting game was on full blast. Game was tight. Body was sooo right. Ridiculous. I got that school boy feeling. Woozy. Dazed. She showed me she lost some weight. Leaned back in the chair so I could get an eye full. I liked what I saw. Freckles. Beautiful white teeth. Cheek bones any woman would want. Sexy caramel tone. Curvy and thick like I like. I had to have that. Needed that. Wanted that like NOW!!!! She told me what I could have. Showed me what was for the taking. I was intoxicated for it. Couldn't move or talk.
I just looked. You CAN'T be this fine...just CAN'T.
Dayum. I had to leave before my nature sprung into action. You not mine to have. Too many probs would happen. Yea. Gotta leave you alone. I made up an excuse and stumbled out of there...barely could find my car.....
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Anonymous said...

Nice to see you blog- and I like this- it has got my mind spinning-oh yes! the visuals are rolling in-- please keep more posts like this coming...Mrs. Bear